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Dusted Wax Kingdom
by Aydio
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The debut Aydio's EP "Deltitnu" is a fabulous chilled fairytale! The tracks gradate lightly one into another, painting beautiful dreamy soundscapes with a wonderful ornate melange of groovy basslines, dub soulful guitars, phat beats and expanded ambience. If you feel the Groove Armada and Morcheeba's chilled trippy vibes, you'll definitely fall in love with this release!
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Topics: Aydio, Dusted Wax Kingdom, trip-hop, downtempo, dub, hip-hop, chilled, grooves
Dusted Wax Kingdom
by ProleteR
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After the self-release in late 2011, the French producer ProleteR drops his "Curses From Past Times" for Dusted Wax Kingdom with 4 extra bonus tracks. The beat tape features heavy-weight boom bap beats cooked with sprightly chanson samples. Links: ProleteR @Facebook ProleteR @SoundCloud ProleteR @Youtube ProleteR @BandCamp Tags: ProleteR, Dusted Wax Kingdom, instrumental hip-hop, jazz, lo-fi, trip-hop
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Topics: ProleteR, Dusted Wax Kingdom, instrumental hip-hop, jazz, lo-fi, beats
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Sister Soleil - Haunted EP (ZIP) 320kbps - August 2012 Alternative Rock / Ambient / Trip-Hop Tracklist: 01 - Eyes (Feat. Dolphin) 02 - Illum Tangendo (Produced by Trent Reznor) 03 - Eyes (Mewark Remix) 04 - Silent Night(mare) Total: (16:40) Sister Soleil Website Sirona-Records Website
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Topics: Alternative Rock, Ambient, Trip-Hop
Bad Panda Records
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Topic: badpanda105
WM Recordings
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Chenard Walcker, a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering. He fell into the coma in September 2006, and is now working on speech development and object differentiation. So many of us have benefited from and enjoy Chenard's work. This is our chance to repay our sweet friend and to send him our love with a tribute release on WM Recordings.
Topic: weirdomusic, chenard walcker, sampling, electronic, collage, cup-up, mash-up
Source: WM Recordings/Various Artists
WM Recordings
by CobSOn
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When CobSOn was 6 years old, mom and dad Cobson sent her to the local music school (in the suburbs of Toulouse) where she started to play the piano. The course lasted 11 years. During the summer 2002, she wrote her first words, "Give the slip" (now "Kidding?"), which became her first song in october when she started playing the guitar. She met drummer Thierry Bordier in december 2002 who invited her in his home studio. Thierry, interested in her music, proposed her to come...
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Topics: Pop-Folk, Weirdomusic, indie-pop, alternative, guitarpop
Source: WM Recordings/CobSOn